New Network Marketing Opportunity

New network marketing opportunity for 2017 and on!

Ready to enjoy the true
network marketing experience
in 2018?

Titus Community Brief:

Titus Community is pre-launching a new hub where online vendors and their clients will enjoy:
– cutting edge technology cryptocurrency (Titus Coin) working as the payment heart of the Community;
– nearly instant online transactions;
– true anonymity (not like certain Bitcoin “loopholes”);
– fair compensation plan;
– easy cash out for Titus Coin into conventional fiat money like EUR, etc.

Factors to consider
when choosing Titus Community.

Solid background.

Titus Coin value and distribution is controlled by the Swedish, regulated, VIP Coin Sparkassa Financial Union. This is done for maximum transparency and legality of the Coin. Sweden is proud to be one of the countries with zero tolerance to offshores and scams, thus helping the Coin to get solid juridical and financial background.

Titus Coin Advantages

Screenshot from latest Titus presentation – download full copy here.

Smart Product.

Not only Titus Coin, but the whole Community is a product and a money making instrument. For example, you can make money as a Vendor, selling your products and services to Titus Community members. Or you can send new members to the Community and get rewards from the compensation plan.

And, you keep getting profit from Titus Coin turnover – that is working as one big market index for all online transactions in Titus Coins.

As you can see Titus Community is a well-thought product that carries different ways to make money online.

Titus Community Model

Screenshot from latest Titus presentation – download full copy here.

Great “neighborhood.”

Among 50 Founders (who invested 5,000€ each) there are professional network marketers who know how to build the spin around a new great product. They are the people who will attract new members into Titus Community.

You can join a great team, catch the momentum and do fantastic network marketing this year and on.

Titus Community is invitation-only,
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personally invited to the team.

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Join Stage 2
of the Titus Community
Roll-out Plan!

The first stage with 50 Founders launched the IT part of the business plan. The development team is building a hub of a dream.

Right now – in Stage 2 – Titus Community has 2 types of packages available: Titan-Ambassadors and Ambassadors JR.

Titan-Ambassador package.

4,950 people are invited to become Titan-Ambassadors. They buy 1,000 EUR worth of Titus Coins (current coin value 1 EUR), and will receive a recurring pay back from the company.

The recurring payment is based on gross revenue. 15% of the company gross profit will be shared among the Titan-Ambassador members.

All Ambassador members will receive an e-Wallet and a MasterCard card from Fennas Finance Ltd.

Ambassador JR package.

The Ambassador JR package are for those who are not in a position to secure an Ambassador position by paying 1,000€ for 1,000 Titus Coins. An alternative for these are the Ambassador JR position where they may be able to secure a position for themselves and then upgrade to Ambassador later, but before the 4,950 Ambassador positions are sold.

The Ambassador JR purchase 200 Titus Coins at the base price of 1.00 € per coin.

Commission during Stage 2

In the Ambassador introduction stage a very simple commission schedule is introduced.

For directly sponsored Ambassadors and Ambassador JR the member receive a cash bonus equal to 15% of the purchase price.

For the next level (Product packages sold by the people a member has introduced) the member will get 10% of the purchase price.

Titus Community is invitation-only,
that is why you will notice
deposit‘ in ‘Referred by’ field
of registration web form.

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Titus Coin ICO

Titus Coin ICO Launched!

Titus Community is speeding up and on Oct 15th, 2017 has launched the ICO for Titus Coin.

Quote from the latest Titus Management newsletter update:

“In less than 4 days the ICO has raised 1,2 million EUR. That is amazing and we still have over 4 weeks left of the ICO period. But, even as these numbers are great, the fact that we have risen to 1,800 Community members and that this number is growing faster and faster, is the most important factor for our success.”

If you are a Titus follower, then you know what to do 🙂 3 weeks left only for the ICO and then Titus Community is going to the Merchants phase of the business.

Titus – Briefly on the Concept

In a nutshell: Titus Community has taken cryptocurrency concept as “raw diamond,” has “polished” all angles and has put this diamond into the crown, including:

  • great marketing approach
  • new possibilities and clients for your online and offline businesses
  • strong team of network marketers who are already in Titus and keep growing the number of member in the Community
  • amazing financial and legal architecture.

Get a quick glance at the Titus Community architecture – here.

Also please read about Titus team, its partners and details about the opportunity offered.

Full copy of Titus presentation here.

1,2 Million EUR Already Raised
3 Weeks Left for ICO

Sign Up for Titus Membership,
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Titus Community is invitation-only,
that is why you will notice my
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field of Titus Sign Up form.

p.s. Your questions are welcomed on Contact page of this blog. Or, you can ask Titus support directly on the official site – it’s up to you to choose.