Titus Community Overview
Titus Community Overview


The Titus concept is based on the open blockchain technology Titus Coin (TTS). TTS is limited to 200 million coins. These are all pre-mined and are managed by VIP Coin Sparkassa Financial Union, a regulated Swedish entity, who sells and buys back coins according to a set of rules agreed with Titus Community Ltd.

Titus Invest Ltd is a holding company registered in Malta holding 100% of the shares in Titus Community Ltd, Malta.

Titus Community focuses on making a large marketplace for the usage of the TTS. This is done both by creating many users with a vested interest in the increased coin usage as well as creating several app based systems and services to enable customers, merchants and loyalty program use in a seamless mobile service.

The coin value is determined by the number of free coins issued divided by the amount of Euro held by the Sparkassa from coin sales and usage.

Titus Community

Titus Community is a member based community where the members benefit from loyalty programs and bonus systems funded by the use of Titus Coins (TTS).

  1. When a member buys TTS from the Sparkassa, paying with Euros, the Sparkassa keep these funds in a fund.
  2. When a merchant is affiliated with the community, they agree to a loyalty program where members of the community will get benefits and a cash back is paid to the community. This cashback is divided so that 20% of this is added to the fund backing the coin value and thereby increase the coin value.
  3. There is a sophisticated affiliate reward program for community members to benefit from new members coin purchases and usage.

Titus services.

Single Sign On (SSO)

A central point is the Single Sign On (SSO) service which allows all members/users to have one secure sign on service for all functions. This includes App logon, Community back office log-on, Eur e-wallet log-on, blockchain e-wallet log-on and log-ons to affiliated merchant websites.

Based on the membership level (KYC level, Community membership level etc.) the available services from the SSO will be individualized.

Titus App

Titus is aiming to become a leading provider of app based, mobile, global commerce using the Titus Coin as currency and the members of the community as sales force to acquire affiliated merchants to the system.

The app roll-out is done in stages. As live testing of app function requires a critical number of users, the functions are rolled out in stages.

  1. App with SSO (Single Sign On), Community Back Office access and Marketing Presentation Tool.
  2. Increased functionality and more marketing applications such as video conferencing, SMS and emailing functions.
  3. Titus Mobile Payments is part of Titus e-Wallet but also available as standalone app. It is a system that allows you to send Titus Coin to others as well as giving you the opportunity to request Titus Coin by someone else.
  4. Merchant payment request and customer payment service.
  5. Titus geolocation merchant shopping with push notification marketing services.
  6. Titus game based merchant marketing function (Pokemon style).
  7. Other functions

Titus e-wallets

There are two different wallets which may be used in the TTS commerce.

External wallets

Downlodable ”Core Wallets” for Windows, Mac and Linux

Titus wallet

Titus e-Wallet is based on a Api called Insight.
Insight is fully ported to Titus Coin and is 100% compatible with Titus Coin.
Buy and sell coins directly on your mobile!

Free for everyone to download, but when you log in, it creates a Titus account!

If you have a Titus wallet you may create a Paper Wallet.

Titus Coin is not only digital but also analogue. Via Titus Coin PaperWallet.

Using PaperWallet, you can shop with Titus Coin without having a computer or mobile phone.
You can import the coins to the e-Wallet as well as see the balance via the blockchain.
The private key is generated when you generate a PaperWallet.
There is support for graphics.
Could be good for example gift cards, children etc.
Coming on on launch of Titus Coin Titan!

Titus wallets are also prepared for off-line coin storage via i.e. Trezor units.

Titus Merchant Invoice system

Get paid with Titus Coin online or add Titus Invoice to your regular invoice sent offline.

You will receive a notification when the invoice is paid.

This is a part of the Titus new innovations services to be launched when the community members have reached 100,000 customers or more.

New products are being added to the Titus Coin (TTS) services.

One of the commercially most interesting is the Titus Blockchain Currency Exchange service.

A unique service enables trading between all available blockchain currencies in the same way a FX trading is done in a fiat currency world.

Before this service is rolled out a partnership between Titus and an established bank with fiat money would be preferred.

Spain, May 31st 2017